Saturday, December 4, 2010

Big List of Predictions #3: The European Union becomes "Eurasian."

(This is part of my "Big List of Predictions" I'm documenting here at this blog. See this entry for a longer explanation, or check out the tag "BLOP" for all previous predictions.)

PREDICTION #3: The "European Union" will one day become the "Eurasian Union."
MADE: December 2010
FRUITION: 2060-2085

EXPLANATION: The next few decades are destined to see the EU adhere more into a central organization from an economic and legal standpoint, as the participating countries get more and more comfortable with the idea that they will not lose their individual cultural identities by doing so (we're already seeing the beginnings of this right now, in fact, with the virtual takeovers of the Greek and Irish economies by the central EU bureaucracy in Brussels); and this is bound to draw more and more future admissions from nations that can just as easily be considered Asian as they can European, say for example a combination of Russia, Turkey, Israel and Jordan by this time 50 to 75 years from now. To account for this, then, the federation will be renamed the "Eurasian Union," so that it can still keep its EU abbreviation; the four existing Asian participants at the time of incorporation will be symbolically depicted on the flag as four same-sized stars but in light blue interspersed within the existing twelve gold stars already found there.

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