Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 movie viewings #1: Magic Magic

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2016 movie viewings #1: Magic Magic. This was advertised as an emo/indie psychological horror film in the style of It Follows, so imagine my disappointment to learn that it was nothing like that at all -- this is instead simply a character study about a young mentally unstable woman who goes on a vacation to South America with acquaintances, stops taking her meds, and has a serious anxiety attack in the jungle when there are no Western doctors around to help her, exacerbated greatly by the local voodoo hillbilly "cures" forced on her by their neighbors actually harming the situation much more than helping. No, seriously, that's the entire movie; and while that might have been all right if I had gone into it realizing such, it was a huge letdown when thinking this was going to be some Funny Games ripoff with Michael Cera playing a cackling psychopath (see above trailer for more). Disappointing in about the most profound way possible.

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