Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My new goofy blog! My new goofy blog!

So before anything else, a little introduction to lead off this new blog...

I've been maintaining an online presence now since the mid-1990s, with various different types of posts showing up at a variety of places; for example, for a long time I posted both my longer, serious thoughts and shorter, goofier ones at my main website, back when I was updating it almost every day, at the same time that I was also writing and publishing full-length creative work, which I no longer do. Now I update that journal only every week or two, and only with long essays about cultural issues; and instead of doing my own creative writing anymore, I now own and run an arts organization called the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, where I post book and movie reviews every day, plus produce a podcast twice a month, plus publish three to four original books a year.

Between 2005 and 2009, then, I posted most of my shorter thoughts about both pop culture and my day-to-day life at an old VOX.com account called "I Am A Camera" (IAAC); but as you might already know, the owners shut down that service in autumn 2010, and didn't make it easy to export what was already there, which is why I decided to just let it all get erased, especially since the vast majority of it was either reprints from my Flickr account or late-night thoughts about Star Wars. And then eventually, like everyone else, in 2009 I caught the Facebook bug, and for the last year and a half the vast majority of all the goofy things I've had to say online have all fit within a 140-character limit over there.

But going through my VOX archives one last time the other week, I realized that I want to start doing more of that again, writing just a little more substantial than Facebook updates but not substantial enough for any of my main sites; and I also realized that I want to start reprinting a lot more of my Flickr photos again, with longer remarks like you can do in a blog entry, which is why I've started up a new version of IAAC here at my longstanding Blogger account. (See my profile for all my old, now dead blogs that are archived here at Blogspot.)

Anyway, I think that pretty much covers it, so I hope you'll have a chance to stop by on a regular basis. Unless of course random late-night thoughts about bad television shows and know-it-all urban-planning theories isn't your thing, in which case you should run away as fast as your feet can carry you.

Even a thousand library books will never love you back.

Pictured here: Southwest Airlines was talking about this in their latest in-flight magazine, and it sounded so good that I made one after getting home that day -- a "black and orange," that is, which is a "black and tan" only with Oktoberfest ale substituted for the usual lager.

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