Thursday, March 31, 2011

I like Lakeview.

A recent shot of this lovely little detail from the neighborhood around where I live; to the left are historic townhomes, but there on the right is a big giant cemetery and chain-link fence, so in recent years the city has turned the extra-wide alley between the two, for decades abandoned and filled with trash, into an extra-skinny, extra-long city park, complete with jogging track, fenced dog path, playground and more.

The area right around where I live, Lakeview, is considered by many to be a boring section of town by now; it was gentrified way back in the '80s, after all, and is mostly now quietly middle-class, the kind of neighborhood where hipster retail chains open new stores when they're not opening them downtown. But I suppose that's why I like it over here so much, exactly for details like this -- because everything's so nice, so taken care of, with so much historic stuff that survived the years the neighborhood was a slum, and with the city finding interesting new things to do with everything else. When I imagined as a kid the urban fantasyland that city-living must be, Lakeview in 2011 is what I imagined, which is why it always amuses me so much to walk and bike through little details of it like this.

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