Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Urban gardening update: May 27, 2014

(I'm trying something special this year and am keeping a "photo blog," telling my story mostly through images but with a bit of description added as well, concerning my first-ever year of being an urban gardener. Check the "Garden 2014" photoset at my Flickr account for the entire series, including more photos for each entry than you see here.)

May 27: So, as the decreasing amount of updates have shown, I have less and less new news to report about the garden as the weeks continue; the last of my seeds are growing into adult plants, and from this point on it's just a matter of tending them and getting them to grow as big as possible, as long as possible. Here are some shots of the latest; everything all together in these images you're seeing include chamomile, lavender, lettuce, mesclun, basil, cinnamon basil, green onions, ivy, moonflowers, morning glories, wandering jews, viola, coleus (note that some of the leaves are already starting to develop new colors), sugar snap peas, jade, and of course my majesty palm in the corner of the room, still doing well so we'll see for how long. Plus, exciting news -- I finally had enough adult lettuce, mesclun, spinach, basil, and green onion together last week to make my first home-grown salad of the year! The salad greens grow faster and better than anything else I've tried, so I'm already starting to think of a way of building a vertical shelf system in the sill of my big bedroom window, so that next year I can have literally 12 or 16 pots of salad greens going at any given time, so that I can literally have a salad every day all summer long. I'll probably always try a little exotic stuff each year too (next year, for example, I'm going to try growing lemongrass for the first time); but I think from a practical aspect of what edibles I might be growing every year, on top of just the decorative stuff I'm growing for the front room, I would be wise to stick to growing massive amounts of salad greens, in that prepared salads in Chicago are SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE.

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